Risk Management & Compliance across Businesses Online Forum

Date: 15th June 2022
Time: 0900 HRS ET/1500 HRS CET


Long-held ideas about security, IT resiliency, crisis management, and enterprise resource planning were thrown out the window as a result of the global pandemic, which profoundly changed how firms identify, assess, governance, manage, and monitor risk. The inherent dangers that corporations with US operations now confront as they try to handle the junction of geopolitical turmoil and business engagement have also shifted in the last year.
Traditionally, programmes have been spread across multiple disciplines within an organisation, relying on management techniques that frequently clash. While there has been a recent trend to group risk management programmes under the same function or management structure, there is now a greater urgency to guarantee that risk management programmes are optimised by big data, analytics, metrics, and technology. Furthermore, programme owners and reaction teams must maintain operational flexibility in their planning by widening their perspective on risk scenarios to examine through a programme that incorporates numerous sources and is driven by intelligence collecting and reporting.
They examined nearly 1,000 businesses across a variety of industries and discovered that, while supply chains accounted for roughly 9.8% of sales on average, the overall grade for best in class supply chains as a percentage of sales was only 5.7 per cent. They discovered, in particular - Pharmaceuticals compared to the industry average of 6.3 percent. Manufacturers compared to the industry average of 10.3 per cent. Industrial Suppliers compared to the industry average of 13.2%. Distributors compared to a 10.6 per cent industry average. Chill/Frozen Food & Beverage with an industry average of 10.7%.
Major industry leaders will offer their answers to possibilities and problems at Phygitall's top-level Risk Management & Compliance across Businesses Online Forum. Come join us!
Deeper integration of all tools across the API lifecycle will increase the lifecycle's speed and, more critically, the delivery of APIs that satisfy the expectations of consumers. This works hand in hand with API life cycle process enhancements. This is beginning to happen as corporations begin to handle APIs more seriously and treat them as products with product managers guiding the life cycle.
Because APIs are playing a bigger role in the enterprise, companies need to plan their API development and administration activities carefully. It's not enough to design and distribute an API — or to embrace an external API — and hope for the best. API administration that is comprehensive helps developers, applications, users, and the company all work together to meet their needs.
This is why Phygitall is happy to present its “Future of API Management” webinar to delve deeper into this topic with greater analysis and with the valuable insights of some of our industry-leading experts who will be coming to speak at this event.

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Discussion Points

ERM-BCM Integration & Collaboration
Compliance Management
IT Risk Management
Real-time Compliance Reporting
Automated Processes & Reporting
Complex Data Sets
Enterprise Governance
Intuitive Interface
Audit Management
IT Threat & Vulnerability Management
Can & Survey Management
Predictive Intelligence
Vendor Risk Management
Cusotmizable Performance Analytics
Third-party Access Monitoring
Business Integrity Screening
Process Control
Global Trade Management
Regulation Management
Continuous Assessment

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Finance & Banking
Information Technology
Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

CXO, VP, Director of:

Risk Management
Compliance & Governance
Regulatory Affairs
Model Risk Specialist
Risk & Compliance Investigator
Risk Analyst
Compliance Officer
Compliance Consultant
Loss Control Consultant
Environmental Compliance Specialist

Our Speakers

Director - Global Risk Analytics Technology Bank of America

Emmanuel Farrugia

Vice President of Change Management CHRISTUS Health

Lisa Reynolds

Director Enterprise Risk Management, Walgreens

Darin Floyd

Director, Enterprise Data Governance & Data Management, Canoo

Vino Kingston

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