June 2022

NGS technologies are ways of sequencing nucleotides faster and less expensive than Sanger sequencing. The development of massively parallel DNA sequencing technologies has ushered in a new age in genomics and molecular biology. NGS methods deliver better throughput data at a lower cost than the classic Sanger capillary electrophoresis sequencing method, cons

The economy of application programming interfaces (APIs) is rolling forward at full speed. The API administration industry alone is predicted to grow 35% by 2025, owing to the large number of web APIs that are being released. Microservices architectures, public product initiatives, SaaS platform offers, IoT, and partner-partner interactions have all embraced

As companies deal with the residual consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic, enterprise risk management has taken centre stage. To be competitive in this new environment, executives have concluded that stronger ERM programmes are essential. Risk managers, for their part, are looking beyond the immediate ERM measures needed to combat the pandemic to see how a [

Technology and healthcare are intricately interwoven. Many people, on the other hand, are unsure of their future plans. Telemedicine, Internet of Things devices, and virtual reality surgical training are just a few of the digital health innovations that are garnering a lot of money and helping the sector improve global health parity. The Most Important [&hel

A digital supply chain is a set of operations that make use of modern technologies and greater insights into the functions of each stakeholder along the chain to allow each participant to make better decisions about the resources they require, the demand for their products, and everything in between. Coupa Software: Coupa Software’s total SCM […

Gartner defines integrated risk management (IRM) as the combination of technology, processes, and data that enables the simplification, automation, and integration of strategic, operational, and IT risk management across an organization. Optial SmartStart: For over 20 years, Optial SmartStart has been a leading GRC enterprise software provider, providing adv

API stands for application programming interface, and it is used to communicate between the client and the developer. A.P.I. stands for Application Programming Interface, and it’s a resource for the web services that customers utilize through the application so that the development side can interface with them and reply appropriately. It’s an und

The rapid integration of next-generation sequencing (NGS) with other clinical life sciences domains such as molecular pathology, molecular diagnostics, and others has resulted in a substantial increase in the depth and breadth of genomic information available to oncologists. The various ways in which this relatively new technology is now being used to improv