Market Dynamics for Next-Generation Sequencing

The rapid integration of next-generation sequencing (NGS) with other clinical life sciences domains such as molecular pathology, molecular diagnostics, and others has resulted in a substantial increase in the depth and breadth of genomic information available to oncologists. The various ways in which this relatively new technology is now being used to improve patient care, particularly with solid tumors and hematological malignancies, all contribute to the NGS market’s revenue-generating. In order to fully realize the great potential given by the technology, a thorough understanding of the guidelines and techniques for assessing the validity and clinical relevance of genetic variations revealed by experimental NGS oncology testing is required.


  • PerkinElmer Genetics works to solve difficulties in the developing fields of reproductive health, emerging market diagnostics, and applied genomics by using innovative technologies and a variety of solutions.
  • Eurofins Scientific S.E. is a life science firm that provides a variety of analytical testing services to clients in a variety of industries. NGS Services are available through the company’s Bio-pharmaceutical Services division.
  • Macrogen, Inc. is a biotechnology business that specializes in Precision Medicine, Clinical Diagnostics, Microarray, Oligo, and Gene Synthesis, among other things. The company offers the whole genome, de novo, exome, targeted, transcriptomics, metagenome, single-cell multi-omics sequencing, epigenome sequencing as well as other next-generation sequencing services.
  • LGC Limited provides services such as consulting, consumer product testing, DNA/RNA extraction, drug and alcohol testing, drug development, paternity, and proficiency testing, reference measurements, sport, specialized analytical services, government services, and others.
  • Scigenom Labs Pvt. Ltd’s services include molecular DNA cloning, NGS, protein expression, bespoke monoclonal antibody development, and assay development. Scigenom Labs Pvt. Ltd offers NGS and genome sequencing services to clients in India and around the world.

NGS has shown promise in the development of precision medicine and companion diagnostics for the eradication of chronic diseases and the improvement of immunotyping. The drug development industry has been using this technology to build solutions that are better able to interpret RNA/DNA sequences.

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