Risk Management & Governance Solution providers

Gartner defines integrated risk management (IRM) as the combination of technology, processes, and data that enables the simplification, automation, and integration of strategic, operational, and IT risk management across an organization.

  • Optial SmartStart: For over 20 years, Optial SmartStart has been a leading GRC enterprise software provider, providing advanced risk solutions around the world. Its Risk Module is based on a robust and adaptable platform that includes linked Risk Assessments, Risk Definitions, Risk Appetite Statements, and Mitigation Plans, as well as a comprehensive set of informative Risk Reporting.
  • iDOC: iDoc is a document management solution that works well. Controls and automates documentation processes such as distribution, company policies, standard operating procedures, job instructions, and so on. It is extremely reliable and secure in terms of document management system control, and it provides real-time visibility.
  • ShieldRisk: ShieldRisk is a technology-driven by Artificial Intelligence that assesses third-party vendor risk quickly and accurately. The platform is a single, unified platform that conducts vendor audits across global security and regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3. ShieldRisk AI enables auditing and advisory functions to be analyzed, resulting in time savings, faster data processing, higher levels of accuracy, and a more in-depth understanding of vendor security posture.
  • Benchmark ESG: Benchmark ESG’s Risk Management? The software can help you meet your operational risk management and compliance assurance goals. This comprehensive solution bundle enables businesses to operationalize the core of their ESG risk mitigation programs and avoid losses, fines, and negative business consequences. Provide strong digital tools to your functional leaders so they can successfully detect, manage, and reduce risk, improve program performance, and meet compliance commitments.
  • TeamMate+ Audit: TeamMate Audit is an audit management system that assists auditors and audit department leadership in managing all parts of the audit process. TeamMate assists enterprises all over the world in identifying and evaluating risk, creating and managing audits, scheduling and allocating resources, capturing T&E, managing issue remediation, and monitoring and reporting on the status via notifications and dashboards.

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