August 2022

Origin of digital payments Cash may no longer be king. Adoption of digital payments is growing rapidly. From vegetable sellers to small business owners, everyone is adopting digital payment systems to get him out of the cash crisis. New technologies, players and consumer expectations are changing the payments market more than ever. Opportunities in new [&hel

What is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is one of the following: Web service endpoint. Web API endpoint. Function signatures in your program. An API is something that provides an interface to the outside world or external programs. It’s a common misconception that APIs are functional endpoints shared over the internet. [&h

What are digital payments? Driven by recent policy initiatives and technological developments, India’s digital payment system is becoming a promising success story. At the same time, the data also show that the use of cash is increasing. Aggregated country-level data can reveal a wide range of citizen preferences, but new data sets based on online [&he

What is API MANAGEMENT? API management is the process of designing, publishing, documenting, and analyzing APIs in a secure environment. API management solutions help organizations ensure that both the public and internal APIs they create are available and secure. The API management solutions on the market can offer a variety of functions. However, most API