Overview of API management systems

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is one of the following: Web service endpoint. Web API endpoint. Function signatures in your program. An API is something that provides an interface to the outside world or external programs. It’s a common misconception that APIs are functional endpoints shared over the internet. This can either be an arbitrary contract within a library file, an interface within an application, or functionality provided by a vendor that another program can use. In this article you will learn more about APIs, but little about API management related to web programming interfaces. So what are the basic points to keep in mind when exposing endpoints to the outside world? Services available on the Internet must be reliable. It should be secure and well documented. You need a gateway that acts as a proxy and creates SLAs and other policies to manage the number of requests. An API must be available for subscribers to subscribe to the service, and each subscriber must be validated by the service. I need a dashboard that shows analytics and statistics for requests made. You need to provide high availability for your services. How can you manage the above functionality? The answer is to use API management tools from various vendors. These tools are available on-premises or in the cloud. API management provides a flexible way to expose APIs to developers.

Phygitall and API MANAGEMENT 1.0

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