Decision Intelligence for Enterprises Online Summit

Date: 25th January 2023
Time: 0900 HRS ET/1500 HRS CET


Decision Intelligence authorizes enterprises to use AI & data to create fast, accurate, and steadfast decisions which further helps in addressing certain needs and problems in their business. By the end of 2024, 75% of enterprises will be leveraging operational AI like Machine learning & natural language processing (NLP) to provide powerful insights into operations and supply chains. 33% of large organizations will be using Decision Intelligence including Decision Modeling to help make decisions by 2023. Decision Intelligence largely helps to bridge the gap between existing enterprise platforms & solutions including more analytical focused data and AI platforms. The report says the Decision Intelligence market is expected to bloom by 2027 by an approx value of $17bn. The key to always achieving greater outcomes which establishes a platform to come forward & serve real quick business world problems for both commercial decision-makers and technical teams.

Poor decision-making is a major issue in organizations and can impact productivity while increasing expenses. Development of Decision Intelligence platforms requires a high level of expertise in Machine Learning(ML), Deep Learning (DL), visual decision models and complex system models, etc. Based on the model the Decision Intelligence market is classified chiefly into human-based, hybrid-based, and machine-based.

The hybrid-based mod accounted for the largest revenue share in the global decision intelligence market in 2020. By implementing hybrid-based decision intelligence solutions there can be more efficiency, lowering the risk of poor human decisions & pacifying respective operations. Machine learning segment when combined with AI can predict business operating patterns and is expected to lead in terms of revenue in the global market during the forecast period. The global decision intelligence market is fairly consolidated with few large and medium-sized players leading to the majority of market revenue. Some major companies include; Baides, Inc. Enlific, Inc. Ayasdi AI LLC, Clarifai, Inc. Aicure LLC, etc. Similarly, Decision Intelligence software can also help a wide variety of use such as pricing optimization, recommendation engines, lead management, retail management, etc. Examples of the best Decision Intelligence software are; Domo, Tellius, Decisions, Federal Compass, Cerebra, Sharpcloud, etc.
Deeper integration of all tools across the API lifecycle will increase the lifecycle's speed and, more critically, the delivery of APIs that satisfy the expectations of consumers. This works hand in hand with API life cycle process enhancements. This is beginning to happen as corporations begin to handle APIs more seriously and treat them as products with product managers guiding the life cycle.
Because APIs are playing a bigger role in the enterprise, companies need to plan their API development and administration activities carefully. It's not enough to design and distribute an API — or to embrace an external API — and hope for the best. API administration that is comprehensive helps developers, applications, users, and the company all work together to meet their needs.
This is why Phygitall is happy to present its “Future of API Management” webinar to delve deeper into this topic with greater analysis and with the valuable insights of some of our industry-leading experts who will be coming to speak at this event.

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What do we offer?

Discussion Points

Expert Artificial Decisioning
Business Intelligence Tools
Dark Data
Decisions as Code
Foot Print Reduction
Carbon & Environmental Insights
Digital Twins
Conversation Intelligence
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning
Virtual Assistants
Digitalization of Supply Chains
Modern Data Stack
Decisioning Cloud
Retail Analytics
Decision visualization
Decision orchestration
Custom model visualization development
AI-Powered Decision Making
Direct-to-Consumer Sales
Augmented Analytics
AI-driven Insights
Democratize Data Access

Who’s attending?

Financial Services
Consumer Goods & Services
Food & Beverage
Supply Chain

Who’s attending?



Financial Services

Food & Beverage



Consumer Goods & Services

Supply Chain

Who’s attending?

CXO, VP, Director, Manager of:

Decision Intelligence
Data Innovation
Business Intelligence
Data Engineering
Applied Machine Learning Engineer
Data Scientists
Market Intelligence
Strategy & Innovation
Retail Analytics
Decision Science
Sustainability Analytics
Information Officer
Digital Transformation
Ecommerce Analytics
Strategic Insights & Productivity
Cyber Intelligence

Our Speakers

Decision Intelligence Manager at Ingka Digital, IKEA

Olivier Maugain

Analytics & Insights Business Intelligence, ViiV Healthcare

John Parke

Chief Information Officer & SVP Strategy & Innovation and Retail Analytics, Hibbett Sports

Ronald Blahnik

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer, Amazon

Diana Thompson

Technology & Innovation - Senior Manager, Alexander McQueen

Aurélien Bartolo


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