Reimagining Digital Health for Life Sciences Virtual Summit

Date: 14th & 15th July 2022
Time: 0900 HRS ET/1500 HRS CET


The medtech industry has faced unprecedented hurdles as a result of COVID-19. Companies are considering stress-testing their operating models in order to improve crisis resilience and the long-term recovery route.
Some countries have implemented close surveillance, testing, contact tracing, and strict quarantine as their coordinating and data management methods. In order to manage the disease burden, they largely depended on digital technology and incorporating it into healthcare policy. As a result, by integrating health data and information to minimize errors, enhance efficiency, and inform physicians and individuals alike, digital transformation in healthcare plays a vital part in helping us survive while riding through pandemic waves. NGS is a massively parallel sequencing technology that provides ultrahigh throughput, scalability, and speed. Life Technologies can design, synthesize, test, and deploy antigens and variations with rapid results, high expression, and capacity thanks to synthetic biology. Researchers and businesses all across the world are using synthetic biology to solve challenges in medical, manufacturing, and agriculture. Gene therapy is the process of replacing or inactivating disease-causing genes. In certain cases, gene therapy entails the introduction of new genes into the body to cure a specific condition.
Major industry leaders will offer their answers to possibilities and problems at Phygitall's top-level professional forum. In this two-day event, we will talk about cell & gene therapy, NGS & Synthetic Biology. Come join us!
Deeper integration of all tools across the API lifecycle will increase the lifecycle's speed and, more critically, the delivery of APIs that satisfy the expectations of consumers. This works hand in hand with API life cycle process enhancements. This is beginning to happen as corporations begin to handle APIs more seriously and treat them as products with product managers guiding the life cycle.
Because APIs are playing a bigger role in the enterprise, companies need to plan their API development and administration activities carefully. It's not enough to design and distribute an API — or to embrace an external API — and hope for the best. API administration that is comprehensive helps developers, applications, users, and the company all work together to meet their needs.
This is why Phygitall is happy to present its “Future of API Management” webinar to delve deeper into this topic with greater analysis and with the valuable insights of some of our industry-leading experts who will be coming to speak at this event.

What to expect?

What do we offer?

Discussion Points

DNA Sequencing
Methylation Sequencing
Sanger First-gen Sequencing Method
Massive Parallel Sequencing
Environmental Testing
Food Testing
Cell & Gene Therapy
RNA Sequencing
Personalised Medicine
DNA Libraries
DNA Assembly
Drug Discovery
Engineering Cell Behaviour
Cancer Immunotherapy
Genome Editing
CAR-T-cell Therapies
SMA Gene Therapy
Clinical-stage Cell-based Therapies
Process Architecture

Who’s attending?

Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres & Healthcare
Hospitals, Diagnostic Centres & Healthcare

CXO, VP, Director of:

Gene Therapy Process Engineer
Scientist, Cell Therapy & Gene Editing
Process Development Scientist
Conventional Analytics
Chemical Biology
Cancer Biology
Scientist, Molecular Cloning
Oncology Diagnostics
Medicinal Chemistry
DNA Encoded Chemistry
Computational Systems Biology
Pharmaceutical Development
Molecular Technician
Principal Scientist, Single Cell Sequencing
Clinical Genomic Scientist
Immune Oncology & Biomarker

Our Speakers

Next Generation Sequencing Scientist, Randox

Jena Redpath

VP Cell & Gene Therapy Industrialization Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Benjamin Minow

Head of Immunology Precision Medicine, AstraZeneca

Andre da Costa

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