Next Generation Sequencing for Life Sciences Online Summit

Date: 3rd November 2022
Time: 0900 HRS ET/ 1500 HRS CET

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What is Next Generation Sequencing for Life Sciences about?

Next-Generation Sequencing is a high and complex throughput method that is being used to determine a portion of the nucleotide sequence of an individual’s genome. Here at, we are committed to supporting NGS with a delightful event experience. During the past few years due to covid, the field has gone through various ups and downs. At least 14 countries have created initiatives to sequence large populations, and it is projected that more than 60 million people worldwide will have their genome sequenced by 2025. Understanding how NGS is being used and paid for is critical for determining its clinical and economic benefits and addressing current and future challenges to appropriate implementation will be discussed in our online event. NGS market is a new avenue for research and enables new genomics insights which were not at all possible before. This conference will help us to bring together experts in both established and novel sequencing technologies along with top scientists in the field.

This is why Phygitall is happy to present its “Next Generation Sequences For Life Sciences” webinar to delve deeper into this topic with greater analysis and with the valuable insights of some of our industry-leading experts who will be coming to speak at this event. Come join us!

What to Expect?

200+ Attendees

Discussion Points

01. DNA Sequencing

02. Methylation Sequencing

03. Sanger First-gen Sequencing Method

04. Massive Parallel Sequencing

05. Environmental Testing

06. Food Testing

07. Cell & Gene Therapy

08. RNA Sequencing

09. Personalised Medicine

10. Nucleus Sequencing

11. Whole-genome Sequencing

12. Single Cell Sequencing

13. Spatial Sequencing Technologies

14. Bioinformatics

15. Metagenomics

16. Whole genome sequencing for athletes

17. SWOT Analysis

Executive, CXO, VP, Director & Manager of:

NGS Technologist
Genomic Researcher
Principal Scientist, Next Generation Analytics
Postdoctoral Associate
Molecular Technician
Principal Scientist, Single Cell Sequencing
Immune Oncology & Biomarker
Clinical Genomic Scientist
Scientist, Molecular Cloning
Molecular Rapid Testing
Precision Medicine
Principal Scientist, Nucleus Sequencing
Oncology Diagnostics

Our Speakers

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